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Palaces and Cities of Iran

Amazing Palaces and Sunken Cities of  Iran,  May 5 - 16, 2016


Amazing Adventures invites you to twelve-day-long Deluxe Tour. Discover with us the historical heritage of the Medo-Persians - a unique mixture of the different cultures of Mesopotamia with a pinch of Arabic, Ottoman and Mongolian spice.



Come and enter a world of fairytales! Explore past cultures and let history become alive again. Be among the first in this millennium to stand where the prophet Daniel received his visions, where Queen Ester saved thousands of lives, where Ezra and Nehemia fasted and fought the good fight. See snapshots of a country whose beauty is seldom shown in the media.


Surrounded by the natural quiet Spring beauty in wild mountains and desert valleys, we discover the amazing remains of the past. The wealth of the Bible and its message – in itself worth the journey – and life with the majestic background of ancient cities will overwhelm you. Be on stage where God revealed the future to mankind.


- Multilingual, Christian tour guides

- Inspiring devotionals and free discussions around the Bible and the Qur´an

- A look into the world of Shia´ Islam

- The tour is safe and requires no particular physical condition

- Depending on the participants, the tour might be bilingual
  (English with German translation if required)

- The limited number of participants (max. 18) guarantees an exclusive atmosphere
   and personal care.


Enjoy the hospitality of friendly Iranians and the comfort of luxurious hotels. Tasty oriental cuisine, a well-measured amount of expertise and spiritual inspiration will accompany us.  And all along, our highlights will offer you first-hand knowledge of a little-known country.


The beauty of the tour will inspire you. One the greatest and most fascinating experiences will be the discovery of Iranian hospitality towards western visitors. We will collect long-lasting impressions, memories of panoramic sunsets behind and thousand years old buildings. For a long time to come, you will remain under the spell of opulent bazaars and the smell of unknown spices. You will draw inspiration from centuries of biblical history and take home with you insights into prophecies still to be fulfilled. And you shall long for another visit to this country so full of mysteries and adventures. Simply come and let us tempt and guide you.