Music Cruises

Soul'n Blues-Cruise through the National Parks of Dalmatia

"Music is food for the soul"


Already Shakespeare was aware of that and expressed this truth so aptly. A vacation trip is said to have a similar effect. A combination of both should, therefore, be a guaranty for a complete time-out – especially on an exclusive cruise with a luxurious motor yacht sailing along the Dalmatian coast, straight into the Mediterranean way of life. The Adriatic Sea is here so blue and the water so clear that even the sea cucumbers at the bottom seem to become visible. The rich vegetation of the National Parks, shimmering in all shades of green, is simply captivating. Dalmatia offers impressive stretches of rugged coastal cliffs overlooking the offshore islands, a mountainous hinterland as well as historical island capitals and World Heritage sites such as Trogir and Zadar.


The soul food on this Soul-Blues-Cruise is provided by four musicians, who are all at home in the world of Soul, Blues, Jazz as well as Funk, Pop and Rock. Some are active worldwide and have worked with international greats. The passengers on the “Melody” can enjoy this musical variety in the course of their vacation week again and again and on the evenings dedicated to a specific musical style. And that goes from simply listening to the music to parties on board or in selected bars along the pretty seashore promenades – but always under the starry sky.


During the day, the passengers are welcome to find out more about the life of a professional musician, to get some advise on good music lessons, a suitable instrument for themselves or a recommendable CD-release. This can take place during a relaxed chat on the sundeck or during the communal evening meal. Music unites – across all linguistic barriers.


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